High Performance Laravel

Are you struggling with the performance of your Laravel application?

Do you see consistent performance issues you don't understand?

Are you unsure how to resolve them?

Not sure if choosing Laravel for a new project is the right choice?

High Performance Laravel is here to help

Unlock the full potential of your Laravel code.

When you first start working with Laravel, it can be hard to understand the real reasons for slow application performance. There's a lot of misinformation around, and claims that Laravel or PHP are inherently slow, which just isn't the case, but are hard to debunk when you first start out.

As a web developer for well over a decade, and having used Laravel on many different projects over the last eight years, I know the real pain points and common issues that can slow down your Laravel application. With High Performance Laravel, I'll share my best practices and insights to help you resolve common performance bottlenecks in your application.

Performance is a process, not a product

There's no one off-the-shelf solution (whether that's a new language, a new framework, or something else entirely) that will prevent an application from being slow. Rewriting something ostensibly for performance reasons is a very dangerous road to go down if you don't understand the real reason for performance - you could easily spend months rebuilding something and end up with little or no improvement to show for it.

I'll help you identify some of the misleading myths about application performance, the actual bottlenecks you can expect to encounter and how to deal with them. I'll also provide high level strategies for better performance, and tips on how to optimise performance further.

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Write efficient applications

Make sure your Laravel application is performant and efficient by learning what the most likely bottlenecks are and avoiding them